The Savior’s Hands Touch

Beautiful descriptive of God’s Love for us when we are fallen…
I woke up with a picture in my mind of an old dresser. It was a treasure, made of beautiful hard wood, meant to be strong through the years ahead.
But life had dealt it some neglect, some abuse. The handles were missing, the paint was sticking out and would jab the fingers who approached it, and the appearance was anything but pretty.
Then I saw the Savior’s hands touching it. He used a very fine sandpaper to remove the old paint and not damage the wood. Then he carefully removed the stuff that had gathered in the holes where the handles would be replaced. Finally, after it was prepared with loving hands, he restored it even more beautifully finished than it had ever been before. The handles were ornate, the paint had become varnish that allowed the beauty of the wood to come through, and the beautiful treasures on the inside now could be accessed.

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