In the beginning, in 2005, Lenta Hall in Lira, Northern Uganda

In 2005 God gave me a vision of the LRA war of Northern Uganda ending and I sent the vision to Pastor James Okalo Ekwang of Truth Evangelistic Fountain (TEF). Not long afterwards, that vision came true and God sent me to the country as a missionary.

Whereas, the war of over 20 years ended formally, the awful toll of it would remain for many years. Devastation of the country was huge. Children had no parents. Many had been forced to become sex slaves and soldiers, girls and boys alike. Many had been forced to murder their own family members as a type of sick initiation into the LRA slavery and abduction. Healthy  infrastructure was gone and everything had to be rebuilt. 

Today the atmosphere is one of rebuilding and the Christians in Uganda are on the rise. Every year when I return I see many developments. Where once depression reigned, now hope is reigning and working about the changes needed for Uganda to become sustainable in it’s own right. 

At the present time there is a matter of concern to be dealt with. Refugees are coming in in large numbers in the North to the point that the second largest refugee camp in the world is present there.

It is to this new outreach in Arua, Northern Uganda,  that I will be returning this April, as well as to (TEF) Truth Evangelistic Fountain’s work in Lira. As a leader of Missions with Africa, I have the privilege to take in others sometimes to help. Are you a doctor, a nurse, a contractor, a carpenter, or a teacher of a trade? You can be a part. Contact me on the link below. 

TEF has many outreach areas including, a children’s school, a vocational school, and a current outreach, that I am a part  of called LEA (Lango Evangelistic Agenda) which is reaching out to the Lango tribe and all of it’s villages. In each village people are coming to Jesus and followup is taking place. You can be a part of this outreach by sending support on the missions site at

You can connect with me at .