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Hello, my name is Lenta Hall.

I am a missionary. The above photo is the wonderful greeting I received my first trip to Bala, Northern Uganda, in 2005. It was a glorious beginning of relationships that have followed to the current day and will continue through all eternity. Through the years I have continued to work with Truth Evangelistic Fountain in many areas and am currently joining with them in their LEA (Lango Evangelism Agenda). 

I have started a new blog series called “The Remnant” (Go to BLOG in the menu above) which will be done in a mini-series and later will be published as a book.

The express purpose of this blog site is to encourage the people of God in this day in which we live. It is an encouragement for those who desire to remain victorious in their pursuit of the King. Although we are all members of a fallen race we have a Father who cares and can take us through to victory. 

A new message will be posted each Thursday evening. I would love for you to sign up for the weekly Good News and to collect your free copy of Straight Talk About Being Born Again and Baptized.   

The STORE is here for you as well. 

Added to the products already listed, upcoming is a workbook for both Created for Empowerment and Straight Talk. Both resources will also be published in Swahili and are currently being translated into Lango, the tribe with whom MwA (Missions with Africa, Inc.) and I work in Lira. 

Check under the Store link for this  new item.

NEW BOOK by Pastor James Okalo Ekwang. 

Pastor James is leader of Truth Evangelistic Fountain. He shares a lot about his life of visions, dreams, miracles, and wonders, but, most of all, seeing salvation come to many around the world. Be inspired as you read this new offering from our site.