The Remnant – Who are they?

For the next few weeks we will be studying about the Remnant of God.

Are the Remnant perfect people? No. But their heart belongs to God first and foremost. It is Him they serve, however faulty, however stumbling, and however situated in this life. We must walk in this fallen  flesh as forgiven people, sanctified by our God, and seeking Him.

God looks on the inside of our being. He knows that deep part of us that either loves Him or hates Him. The Remnant will be challenged by those who hate God, but loved by those who chase after Him and love Him. The lost will find truth about Jesus in the Remnant because of their love, their servant heart and their stand. The things that Jesus did will touch hearts as He empowers His Remnant to do what He did.

As we discover the character of the Remnant we will be uplifted, challenged, broken and victorious. God is multi-faceted God and He created us to be in His image.


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